Ten Benefits of Having a Website

In my report “The Top Ten Tools for Marketing Your Business on the Internet,” the first tool I listed was a well-designed website, and for good reason. It can provide the information your customers are looking for, so other forms of advertising should direct people to it. Here are ten more benefits of having a small business website. If you already have a website, these may provide ideas regarding new ways to use it. These website benefits also apply to authors, artists, musicians, and anyone else with a message to get out.

Helps Establish Credibility as a Business

Customers expect businesses to have a website and may conclude that if they can’t find one, it’s not a very serious business. By having an attractive, well-designed website, you can give potential customers a great first impression. You can also use your website to establish yourself as an expert in your field, the person/business to go to for your product or service.

Customers that Research Online Will Find You

A Comscore Research study found that the majority of potential customers go online first for research about local businesses. This number was as high as 81% for the 18-34 year age group and 69% for 35-59 year olds. Businesses that don’t have a website could be missing out on a lot of potential customers.

A Website Can Help Build Your Email List

Your website provides a place for customers to sign up for your newsletter or sale notices. This email list can be a very powerful marketing tool, reminding customers that you’re in business.

Existing Customers Can Refer New Customers to Your Website

They can do this as easily as passing on your domain name, like we do with https://shuksanweb.com.

Less Employee Time Will Be Spent Providing Information over the Phone

This can save you time and money. Twenty-four hours a day, your website is available to provide customers with the information they need, and you or your employees can spend time taking care of business, rather than answering questions on the phone.

Easy Way to Find New Employees

When you need new employees, a simple posting on your website can make it very easy to find one. Potential applicants can also research your business through your website, prior to applying.

Improve Customer Service

Online forms and autoresponders can make life easier, both for you and your clients. For example, we recently built a website for a chiropractor, with numerous new patient medical forms. By accessing these forms through the website, customers can now fill the forms out in the comfort of their home, prior to the appointment.

Customers Can Easily Find You after a Move

Your business may move, but your website will still be in the same place. It can provide your customers with updated information on how to find you.

Expand Your Geographic Market

With a website, you can expand your market area to just about anywhere in the world.

Keep Customers Up to Date

A website with an easy-to-use content management system allows you to make updates, announce events, and even add blog or article posts. This is a wonderful way to connect with your clients.


If you already have a website, great! You’re way ahead of many small businesses. With more and more people doing so much online, you might consider if your website is doing all that it can for your business. Are you taking advantage of the features mentioned above?