Bellingham Web Design and Internet Marketing Business

At Shuksan Web, our web design and internet marketing business, we are extremely enthused about Bellingham and Whatcom County, so much so that we almost named our business Bellingham Web, and even considered Bellingham Web Design. We also do web design and internet marketing for people in other parts of the world, so we decided that using Bellingham in the name might be a bit geographically limiting. Besides, we’re also very enthusiastic about Mt Shuksan, a strong contender for the most beautiful mountain in the world. We settled on Shuksan Web as the business name and used the domain Bellingham Web to create a free business and recreation directory to support local businesses and people.

Whatcom Chief, Lummi Island Ferry, Whatcom County, Washington

Wonderful Whatcom County

There are a lot of wonderful people and businesses in the area. When we first moved here, ten years ago, I wondered how the cashiers in the grocery store could know everyone. Soon, I realized that they are just very friendly, like the vast majority of people in the area. Now, when I travel to other places, I wonder why everyone doesn’t smile and greet each other. Bellingham sits between the San Juan Islands and the North Cascades mountains, resulting in outstanding scenery and all sorts of recreational opportunities. No wonder people are so happy and friendly.

Beautiful and Functional Websites

When we’re not working on websites, we’re often out taking advantage of the beauty and recreation in the area, hiking, kayaking and shooting photos of the stunning scenery. In building websites, we work with our clients to incorporate some of the beauty of the area in our designs, through choice of colors, layout and including some of Curt Remington’s photography. At the same time, we strive for simple and logical navigation and using up-to-date search engine optimization, to help your website rank highly in search results.

Businesses in Bellingham

As to businesses in the area, Whatcom County doesn’t hold the headquarters for any Fortune 500 companies, but there are many entrepreneurs, doing a vast variety of things: artists, healers, contractors, boat builders, restaurant owners, retailers, realtors, and more. Naturally, these people and businesses need to be found. Our goal is to help build and design websites, bringing the people and businesses in the area together. This was also our goal in building the free business and recreation directory website at If you have a business in Bellingham, or elsewhere in Whatcom County, please visit our get listed page to sign up for your free listing. If you need a website built or upgraded, or would like help with aspects of internet marketing, feel free to email me at or call us at 360 738-3696.

Mt Baker Ski Area near Bellingham, Washington