WordPress: The Most Popular Website Platform

WordPress is not only enormously popular for blogs (48% of the top 100); it has also become an excellent choice for most websites, like those for a small business, author, speaker, artist, musician, etc. Seventy five million websites now run on WordPress, approximately 19% of all websites. It’s not surprising to me that WordPress is so popular. There are a whole variety of benefits to having your website built with WordPress.

Seven Benefits of WordPress for Your Website

1.      Easy to update- Once your website is built, almost anyone can publish a new blog or article, change events, add images, and keep content fresh. This keeps visitors coming back for more. Since you don’t need additional software to add content, you can do it from any computer with internet access.

2.      Be Perceived as an Expert in Your Field- If you add articles or blogs regularly, visitors will come to recognize you as an authority in your specialty or business. By letting your personality shine through, visitors may also come to like you. When it’s time to buy what you have, they’re much more likely to think of you first.

3.      SEO Friendly- Google, and other search engines, love to see fresh content. There are also plugins, like SEO by Yoast, that make it easy to be sure your new blog post or article is well optimized for search engines.

4.      Social Network Integration- You can add social media feeds so your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other account automatically supplies some fresh content to your website and makes visitors aware of your social media pages. You can also include sharing buttons on your website, so visitors can easily post a link to your website or article onto their social media page.

5.      Plugins Keep Costs Down- There are approximately 29,000 plugins that make it easy, and less expensive, for web designers to add features to a website, like photo galleries, contact forms, image sliders, sign up forms, social media widgets, and countless more. If not for these, there would be a lot less features or a lot more programming work, significantly increasing the cost of a new website.

6.      Blog Comments Provide Additional Content- You have the option of allowing comments on your articles or blog, which provides additional free content and gives customers the opportunity to have a two-way communication with you.

7.      Mobile Responsiveness- One of the biggest benefits to WordPress websites is that they are responsive. In other words, they look good and are easy to navigate on a whole variety of viewing devices. These days, people might be viewing your website with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or their home computer. Many conventional websites require resizing, panning, and turning your phone, just to read the content. If you have one of these websites, it may be time to consider a rebuild.

There are many more reasons to use WordPress for your next website, but these seven were enough to convince me. If you’d like to discuss a new WordPress website, or a rebuild of your current website, please email me (curtremington@comcast.net), or call us at 360 738-3696.