Building an Appealing Appearance for Your Brand

When I think about McDonald’s restaurants, I imagine the letter “m” towering over me in all its red and yellow glory, reminding me of the very affordable (very unhealthy) food awaiting me.  Starbucks has also built quite a reputation throughout the world for having great coffee, and its green lady logo is easily recognizable by people.  There are thousands of companies throughout the world that have grown hugely successful, and most have one thing in common: a recognizable business image.

Starbucks uses consistency effectively in their product design

Keep it Consistent

A business image entails more than just a logo.  When you’re establishing a business, you should consider how your logo, color scheme, and general design style will represent your business.  The most important thing to keep in mind, when coming up with a business image, is consistency throughout.  Your logo, website, business cards, brochure, etc. should contain a color scheme and style that are nearly identical, so that customers will remember your business easily.

Choose Appropriate Colors

Choosing a good color scheme is important, so you should consider who your target audience is before deciding on colors to use.  You could think about the mood you want to induce in your audience, the message you want to get across, the types of products or services you’re providing, or a number of other factors when deciding on a color scheme.  For example, if your business is a spa, the obvious choice in colors would be soothing tones, such as soft green or blue hues.

Consider Style and Color

As far as the style of your business image, your style and color scheme should go hand in hand.  If you’re a tech driven business, perhaps you’d want to choose a design style for your branding that is clean and edgy with suitable colors.  A women’s online clothing store would probably be better suited with girly colors and an elegant design.  Basically, you should choose a style that is going to appeal to your target business audience.

Create a Great Logo

One of the most important factors in creating a business image is the business logo.  This is because this will be the symbol that will represent your company from start to finish, so the design of a business logo shouldn’t be taken lightly.  If you’re going to design your own logo, you can research what competitors have used, and find objects and ideas associated with your business niche in order to get some ideas.  It’s always best to come up with many ideas before deciding on a concept to pursue for a logo.  However, I would recommend that you hire a professional graphic designer to design a logo for your company, for a number of reasons.  A graphic designer would not only design a great logo, but could come up with an effective business image that would carry across to all other aspects of your company, such as advertising, product labels, letterhead, or websites.

Having a consistent, appealing image for your business will not only make your brand recognizable, but it will help build a good reputation for your company.  Believe it or not, it only takes a few seconds for a person to decide how they feel about a company’s image, so you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to leave a great impression on your customers.  If you’re starting a new business, or feel that your current business’ image could use a makeover, feel free to contact us regarding your design needs.