Google’s New Algorithm Will Account for Mobile Friendly Websites

Google has updated its search engine algorithm a number of times in the past, which has had quite an impact on website rankings.  Their upcoming algorithm is predicted to have a large impact on SEO as well.  However, this new algorithm will be targeting a new factor of websites: whether or not they are mobile friendly.  If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, its search engine ranking could suffer.

Over half of global web browsing is done using a mobile device now, and Google has taken into account how important it is for websites to provide a good mobile experience.  A website that isn’t mobile friendly can be quite frustrating to navigate, as users are forced to constantly zoom and scroll across a page in order to read text or click on links.  Whereas a mobile friendly site makes text an appropriate size for mobile viewing, and keeps the width of the site within the width of your mobile device so you don’t have to scroll left and right.

Hubspot has an article about this algorithm update that goes into more detail about the update, and also provides a few tools that you can use to see if your website is mobile friendly.  If you find that your website isn’t mobile friendly, you might want to consider having updates made in order to make it mobile friendly, or to have a new mobile friendly website built.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested in having your website mobile optimized, or if you would like a new website built.

Read the full Hubspot article here