Roots and All

Project Overview

Roots and All is an organic fair trade coconut oil company located in Bellingham, Washington. What really sets them apart from other coconut oil companies is their commitment to changing the lives of the customers and coconut farmers they work with. For every 2,000 jars they sell, the company builds a home for a single working mother in the coconut industry of the Dominican Republic, and they also work hard to build strong ongoing relationships with everyone they work with. Regarding the customer experience, not only does Roots and All provide a satisfaction guarantee, but they provide information about endless ways that their coconut oil can be used.

Our objectives for this project were to create a logo and packaging design for the company that reflects their key characteristics, and that allows their product to stand out in the coconut oil industry. We explored several logo and packaging ideas before landing on the optimal design solutions.

This project was a fun and challenging experience, both creatively and based on constraints. We were given the challenge of creating two variations of the final label due to the company having two jar sizes, and also faced the challenge of fitting a lot of text and required elements onto the label without overcrowding the visual design or overlooking packaging requirements.

Logo Variations

Final Logo

Packaging Variations

Final Packaging