Summary of “Psychology of Color”

By Precision Intermedia

In the business of design, color choices are one of the most important things to consider when creating a design for a particular purpose. Colors can have strong psychological influences, so depending on what you are designing for, you should be aware of how a design’s colors will resonate with an audience.

When choosing colors for a logo, website, or any other graphic design project, it’s important to not only consider the meanings of single colors, but the message that color combinations convey. For example, a website with varying shades of pale blue might induce a feeling of calmness, whereas a website with a bright green and orange palette might suggest chaos and fun.

In “Psychology of Color”, the authors provide an overview of the the most commonly used colors and their psychological effects. The article also briefly describes a few techniques for choosing color combinations. This article only scrapes the surface of color psychology, so if you have web or graphic design needs, we can certainly create a design for you that sends the right message to your intended audience.

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This summary was written by Rachel Remington.