Tips for Improving Your Company’s About Page

When I look at a company’s website, one of the first things I look for is the about page, if the company has one. Often, I’ve found that the about page only contains information about the company’s services and accomplishments, but nothing about the employees. A number of times, I’ve decided against using the business’s services based on this. It may seem odd and irrational to make a decision like this based on one webpage, but I have good reasons for doing it. For me, and probably for a lot of other people, it’s important to know that a company has personable, friendly employees before deciding to use their services. If you’re trying to promote your business online, you should make sure your customers feel like they can trust you, and the best way to do that is through a great about page. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most important things to include in your about page to make your website more successful.

Tip 1: Tell Them About Your Business

Anyone who visits the website is going to want to know right away exactly what your business does, so having this information laid out immediately is crucial. If a visitor has to read through several paragraphs before getting a good understanding of what your business does, there’s a good chance they’ll leave the site before they even figure it out. Also discuss other important or interesting facts about your business, such as when it was started and the steps leading up to the establishment of your business.

Tip 2: Introduce Your Employees

Whether you have a small business or a massive corporation, you should be introducing the masterminds behind your business. The best way to do this is to include a photograph of the employee (make sure it’s friendly!), followed by a description of their skills and experience. It’s also very important to include information about their personal lives and hobbies, because this shows that the employees are friendly and inviting. Visitors are far more likely to choose your business for their service needs if they feel like they’ll enjoy working with your employees.

Tip 3: Include Interesting Facts and Information About Your Business

If you can think of any interesting projects you’ve done in the past, or any big accomplishments your company has made that will interest visitors, definitely consider putting this into your about page. Anything that makes your company stand out from other similar businesses will increase your chances of getting new clients.

Tip 4: Add Some Testimonials

Although testimonials don’t necessarily have to go on the about page (they could go in your portfolio or a separate page altogether) they should be included somewhere on your website that users can find easily. One of the most successful ways to bring in more business is by word of mouth, so if viewers have visible proof that other clients have enjoyed your service, they are far more likely to use your services as well.

Overall, when you’re trying to decide what to include on your about page, remember to lay out the important information first, telling visitors what you can do for them. Make your page personable, interesting, and living proof that your company is the place of choice. If you need help enhancing your about page or with other aspects of your website, feel free to give us a call, and we can discuss some options for improving your site.