When thinking about the websites you visit regularly, can you determine what it is about those websites that captures your interest? Do the websites have entertaining or useful information, free downloadable files, or new content added regularly? These types of qualities can enhance a website greatly, and can keep website visitors coming back time and time again. If you’d like to build a loyal following of website visitors, you may consider incorporating the following ideas into your own website.

1. Start a Blog

A blog is a great way to keep visitors coming back to your website because adding new content regularly gives visitors incentive to check back for new articles. Your blog articles should be focused on providing entertaining or useful information that your target audience will want to read, rather than focusing on selling them on your products and services. However, by presenting your expertise via well-written articles, you will help to build your credibility as a professional, and will improve your chances of converting interested shoppers into new customers. In order to come up with article ideas, you should try to envision things that your target customers may need help with that you can provide your expertise on, or things that they would find interesting or entertaining based on their interests.

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2. Add Digital Media

When it comes to websites, having a mix of text and digital media is crucial for keeping your audience’s attention. Digital media refers to files that can be used on digital devices, such as images, videos, and audio files. Not only do digital media break up long sections of text, but it provides a more immersive experience for viewers, and allows viewers to use more of their senses when interacting with a website. You could start by adding photos to your pages and blog posts, but could also consider website additions such as photo galleries, videos, audio (podcasts, music, etc.), eBooks, and even games.

3. Have an Effective Website Design

It only takes a couple seconds or less for website viewers to form opinions about the look of any given website. With so much content on the web, and so many companies competing for the same website visitors, having an aesthetically pleasing website with a unique look will better your chances of gaining those visitors over your competitors. A few characteristics of good website design are uncluttered pages, a clear hierarchy of information, a good balance of text and imagery, and a cohesive look throughout the website.

4. Give Away Freebies

Everyone loves to receive free things, which is why giving away freebies on your website is a great way to get your audience’s attention. When it comes to the online world, it is especially beneficial to give away freebies, because after the initial work of putting together the digital product is done, you don’t lose any additional time or money giving away your products via downloads. Digital freebies could include eBooks, audio downloads, photography downloads, downloadable videos (such as courses and tutorials), e-zines, printable greeting cards, manuals, and recipes.

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5. Make Your Website More Interactive

If you want your website visitors to have a more hands-on and unique experience with your website, you might want to consider adding interactive features to it. These could include web forms, shopping pages, quizzes, maps, or any other feature that requires users to interact. By adding such features, you will be providing a more personalized and immersive experience for your website visitors.

6. Provide a Great User Experience

User experience is the overall experience that a person has when using or interacting with any given product or technology, such as a website. By making sure that your own website provides a great user experience for visitors, you will be bettering your chances of not only keeping visitors on your website for longer, but having them revisit your website. To start with, your website should have mobile-friendly pages, understandable navigation, uncluttered content, and a fast page load speed, but there are many things that can be done to improve user experience.
There are many ways in which to make a website more engaging and memorable, but our list is a great place to start for coming up with ideas for your own website. If you’re interested in enhancing your website with some of the above features, we would love to help you with your ideas.