Who We Are

About Our Company

Shuksan Web is a family-owned design and marketing company located in beautiful Bellingham, Washington. It was founded in 2013 by Curt and Mary Remington, when Curt was in the midst of promoting his recently published book. Curt decided to take on marketing his book without outside help, which required learning to create websites and promote through online marketing platforms. Rachel, his daughter, who’s always been interested in design, began helping with the promoting as well.

Curt, Mary, and Rachel all grew to love the creative and challenging aspects of the online marketing and design world, and made the decision to start Shuksan Web. The whole team enjoys getting to know entrepreneurs and businesses and helping them to create an effective brand and online presence that will set them apart and help them grow in a competitive business world.

Curt Remington


Curt is the leader of the wolf pack, the big kid on campus, the head honcho. He has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and is passionate about the businesses he owns and runs. While living in Minnesota, Curt and Mary started their first company together, Remington Appraisals, which has been successfully running for more than 25 years. In 2011, Curt wrote and published his book Simple Meditation: A Spiritual Connection for Transforming Your Life. In an effort to promote the book, he learned everything he could about internet marketing and building websites, which became an ongoing passion. This led him to the decision to start a business in which he helped other companies and entrepreneurs promote themselves.

Mary Remington

Office Manager

Let’s just say, Mary has been successfully running this family for many years, so it only makes sense that she runs the office too. Mary is the co-founder of Remington Appraisals, which has been successfully running for more than 25 years. She has played a significant role in managing Shuksan Web and is always there to make sure everything runs smoothly, whether she’s overseeing a project or managing finances. Mary’s knack for problem-solving, management, attention to detail, writing, and creative thinking makes her a key part of each design and marketing project.

Rachel Klein


Growing up, Rachel was always the creative and artistic member of the family. This still remains true today; as she excels at all things design. In 2016, she graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Design, as well as minors in English and Web Development. She’s passionate about the work she does, and loves getting to know her clients and making their project ideas come to life. She can ensure you that your website and other marketing collateral will be attractive, unique to your brand, and an effective tool for capturing your audience’s attention. Oh and also, she loves her adorable pup Oakley.

Riva & Oakley

Office Pups

You might think that Riva and Oakley are brother and sister by looking at their photo, but Riva is in fact 3 years older, and they’re from completely different parents. Curt and Mary have had Riva in the family for about 8 years, and Rachel has had Oakley for about 5 years. Riva is the mellow and sweet one, and Oakley is the rowdy but cuddly one of the bunch. Both dogs have a great thirst for adventure, whether it’s hiking in the mountains, sea kayaking, or mountain biking that they’re doing. Every day in the office is even more fun and enjoyable thanks to these pups.