If you have a holistic healing (conventional and alternative medicine) practice, you’ve come to the right place. We want to help you market your business! You’ll find free tips and tools here to do just that.  By “holistic” I mean a healing approach that relates to the mind, body, or spirit, so a wide variety of businesses fall under this category, including conventional medical practices, acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathy, chiropractic, meditation, yoga, energy work and a lot more. For additional information, check out my article, What is Holistic Healing?.

The good news is that acceptance of alternative medicine and holistic healing practices have been growing. The less good news is that, like any business, marketing and growing your practice can still be challenging and take time.

Marketing does provide the opportunity to expand your network so you can connect with more people and spread your healing further. It’s worth the effort.  In fact, one of the keys to marketing your practice is to focus on your customer’s needs and how you can help them, rather than on selling clients on the specifics of your product or service. If you’re a person in a healing profession, this may already be what comes natural to you. And, if you continue to provide great customer service, word-of-mouth can eventually lead to a prosperous business, but a thorough marketing campaign can be a big help in getting there faster.

In developing marketing material it’s wise to answer questions like: What strengths do you bring? What makes you different from others that practice your modality? What skills and training do you have that can help solve or heal your client’s problems?

Ten Marketing Tips for a Healing Business

Network – This step may seem obvious, but friends and family may not think to send clients your way. Be sure to remind them of your business, and thank them when they do send you a client. You can further expand your list of contacts through Chamber of Commerce networking events, joining clubs, a church or other organizations. Carry plenty of business cards, and master your elevator speech.

Website – Like I mention in “A Website is Key for Small Business Marketing,” a website is key. People are spending more and more time on the internet, researching products, services, and whatever you have to offer. If you don’t have a website, you could be missing out on a lot of potential business.

The biography on your website’s about page is a great place to describe how the skills you have can help your customers. You might mention why you love what you do.  A photo of you and your employees is important here. People want to see who they’ll be working with.

Blogging or Writing Articles – Writing about your specialty helps establish your credibility as an expert in your field. The research you do to write articles can also help keep you abreast of the latest developments and techniques in your field. Blogs or articles on your website are a wonderful way to target keywords and improve your search engine optimization, so more people can find your website. You might also consider submitting articles to magazines or your local newspaper. Be sure to conclude with a backlink to your website or information on how to reach you.

Social MediaMany of your potential customers spend a good deal of time on social media. If you’re there too, you can connect with them and start a dialogue. Actively participating in social media can be time-consuming, but it can also be an important source of new business. If you don’t have time to actively participate, at least make sure you have a Facebook and LinkedIn page, so searchers can find you there.

Get Listed in DirectoriesIn this article, I describe Six Benefits of Getting Listed in Directories. Customers can find you directly, and it’s good for your website’s SEO. To help in this regard, I’ve built a directory of holistic healing businesses at http://holistichealingnetwork.net and am actively promoting it. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to get your free listing.

Press ReleasesIf you have a newsworthy event, sending a press release to the local paper, or to appropriate publications, can get your business free publicity. Before upcoming speaking events, I’ve sent out press releases to the nearby newspapers. Sometimes, they’d write a good article that would bring in a fair number of additional people.

Ask for Referrals and Testimonials – Testimonials can go a long way in assuring people that you have helped others. Be sure to ask for them and post them on your website. Be sure to ask happy clients to refer others to you too.

Speak at Workshops or MeetingsLocal organizations, like Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary and more, are always looking for speakers, as are many local businesses. If you volunteer to speak on a healing related topic, you’ll further establish your credibility and expand your network. Here are Eight Simple Steps to Improve Your Public Speaking.

Consider Providing Free Information, Services or Demonstrations – When you do something for others, and demonstrate your ability to be of service, they’re likely to come to you when they need what your business has. With this in mind, you might offer free or discounted services at your speaking events or workshops. You might provide free information through a newsletter. Or, you might do free or discounted healing work with family and friends, demonstrating your abilities while asking for referrals.

MeditateIn marketing my book, Simple Meditation, and my web design business, I’ve used all of the above techniques and found them to be very effective. Naturally, as a meditation specialist, I’ve also used meditation techniques. Marketing a business can be stressful. It’s important to stay positive, and meditation can help. Most meditation techniques release stress, so you’re more eager to promote your business. You might take this one step further and while you’re meditating, visualize yourself successful in your endeavors. By doing this, you’re likely to feel more confident, take appropriate steps to get there, and harness the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires. Meditation can also help you access your intuition and make better decisions.

Next Steps

Helping others and providing great customer service may be the best way to help your business grow. But, these marketing techniques will help more clients find you faster. If you don’t have time to jump in and do all of these, try one or two at a time.

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This article was written by Curt Remington, author of Simple Meditation